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lukeshu/ has been merged into manuelluis/jsrrdgraph and d...Luke Shumaker6 years
lukeshu/masterdocs: fix Flot versionLuke Shumaker5 years
masterMerge lp:~richardw/jarmon/tab-history-816668Richard Wall11 years
richardw/independent-ds-transformers-1188220choose best si based on total length of y axis - negative to positive. Also a...Richard Wall9 years
richardw/jsrrdgraph-integrationUse forked copy of jsrrdgraphRichard Wall11 years
srix/masterNeed to upgrade javascriptrrdfile.js to latest 1.1.1 version to support rrd f...Srix7 years
v11.8commit b404903c1d...Richard Wall11 years
v11.06pre1commit 320befb2d2...Richard Wall11 years
v10.11commit 579605cb67...Richard Wall12 years
v10.8pre1commit 54b3c39b40...Richard Wall12 years
v10.7commit d9601a87d0...Richard Wall12 years
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2011-09-11Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/tab-history-816668HEADmasterRichard Wall
2011-09-11Recompile with jquery 1.6.3Richard Wall
2011-09-11Upgrade to jquery 1.6.3Richard Wall
2011-09-11#816668 Upgrade to latest dev jquerytools and re-enable the tab history pluginRichard Wall
2011-09-11Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/ping-droprate-multiplier-846377Richard Wall
2011-09-10#846377 Pass transformer function to the RrdQuery and add a unit testRichard Wall
2011-08-08Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/prerelease-fixesv11.8Richard Wall
2011-08-08tweak the yaxis label - again.Richard Wall
2011-08-08Add a transformer option to allow operations on the data from RRD files - eg ...Richard Wall
2011-08-08fix broken significant figures on y-axisRichard Wall