AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-11fastsumsystemdLuke Shumaker
2018-06-05fixup statuslineLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03cow-dedupe: Use sd_notify as appropriateLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03Fix typo in filenameHEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03cow-dedupe: Fix set statisticsLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03cow-dedupe: Shorter status line; better statisticsLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03cow-dedupe: Better dudupe statisticsLuke Shumaker
2018-06-03cow-dedupe: Choose fiemap with fewest extents AND the most filesLuke Shumaker
2018-05-26cow-dedupe: Don't pass too many arguments to cow-dedupe-range at onceLuke Shumaker
2018-05-26dedupe-range: show dst index when on "open dst" errorsLuke Shumaker
2018-05-26gofmtLuke Shumaker
2018-05-21keep going after errorsLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20cow-dedupe-range: don't enforce the 16MiB thing; the FS will do thatLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20more statusline improvementsLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20better statusLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20better statusLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20cow-dedupe: better statusesLuke Shumaker
2018-05-20cow-dedupe: optimize?Luke Shumaker
2018-05-19fix totals in the checkums statusLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19statusline fancinessLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19cow-dedupe: more status linesLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19cow-dedupe: fixup statuslineLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19cow-dedupe: tidyLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19extent-map: fix for large filesLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19async status lineLuke Shumaker
2018-05-19ehLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18use a go workspaceLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18dedupe: show status on slow commandsLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18dedupe.goLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18dedupe-range: correctly handle -errno statusesLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18fix dedupe-rangeLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18fix indentationLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18fixLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18tidyLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18cow-extent-map: allow multiple files, machine outputLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18pull strextentflags in to a functionLuke Shumaker
2018-05-18use return codes from fiemapLuke Shumaker
2018-05-16improve commentLuke Shumaker
2018-05-16pretty-print the extent flagsLuke Shumaker
2018-05-16first pass at cow-extent-mapLuke Shumaker
2018-05-16errusageLuke Shumaker
2018-05-15clean up the u64 hackLuke Shumaker
2018-05-15freeLuke Shumaker
2018-05-15touch upLuke Shumaker
2018-05-15initial commitLuke Shumaker