AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-21Produce more useful "Invalid peer certificate" error messagesHEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2011-02-14Google Mail no longer uses Thawte certificate.José Fonseca
2009-12-24Bump version. Document.José Fonseca
2009-12-24Get it building correctly with latest autotools.José Fonseca
2009-12-24Make force_mda in the esmtprc to work with the -t option (based on patch by S...José Fonseca
2009-12-16Bump version number.José Fonseca
2009-06-27Force mail to be delivered by the MDA.José Fonseca
2009-03-28Update the news.José Fonseca
2009-03-28Ignore derived files.José Fonseca
2009-03-28Use locking in esmtp-wrapper (Phil Sutter).José Fonseca
2008-11-14Update mutt option name in the user manual (Wu Fengguang).José Fonseca
2008-10-09Use ESMTP MTA instead, to try to distinguish from the protocol.José Fonseca
2008-10-09Bump version for release.José Fonseca
2008-09-17Option to disable Message-ID header (Phil Sutter).José Fonseca
2008-07-10Update news.José Fonseca
2008-07-10Fix NTLM authentication (Nils Rennebarth).José Fonseca
2007-09-03Bump version for release.José Fonseca
2007-09-03Handle mailq's -q option (Phil Sutter).José Fonseca
2007-09-03Wrapper script documentation (Phil Sutter).José Fonseca
2007-08-15Handle CR-LF newline endings when parsing the headers.José Fonseca
2007-08-08Distribute the esmtp-wrapper script.José Fonseca
2007-08-08Minor corrections.José Fonseca
2007-08-08Wrapper script for off-line mail delivery (Phil Sutter).José Fonseca
2007-08-07Update the Thawte certificate in the Gmail instructions (Oscar Fernandez).José Fonseca
2007-01-29Convert to UTF-8.José Fonseca
2007-01-27Describe -I in man page for sendmail (Reuben Thomas).José Fonseca
2007-01-27Prevent segfault expanding %F in the MDA string when the reverse path is not ...José Fonseca
2007-01-27Fix spelling.José Fonseca
2007-01-27Use a reasonable default for the reverse path when one is not specified, inst...José Fonseca
2007-01-27Fix gcc warning.José Fonseca
2006-03-18Update to automake-1.9.José Fonseca
2006-03-18Document how to get CA certifcates.José Fonseca
2006-03-18Use only ASCII codes.José Fonseca
2006-02-08Tips for adding missing Date: headers in messages for local delivery (Bruce S...José Fonseca
2005-08-04Mention a test suite.José Fonseca
2005-08-04Corrections to the manpages (Reuben Thomas).José Fonseca
2005-03-10Prepare for release.José Fonseca
2005-03-10Do not pass multiple address to the MDA quoted as a single argument (Kusanagi...José Fonseca
2005-02-15Allow to set helo-name. Allow to send out local mail as remote mail by adding aJosé Fonseca
2005-02-15Enforce strict permissions on configuration file (Tiago Macambira).José Fonseca
2005-02-15Don't require getopt_long (based on SASAJIMA and Dirk Tilger patches).José Fonseca
2005-02-15Nonstandard libesmtp dir (Dirk Tilger).José Fonseca
2005-02-15Force usage of automake-1.7José Fonseca
2005-01-11Idem.José Fonseca
2005-01-11Fix place of esmtprc config file: esmtprc should put in $sysconfdir, but it's...José Fonseca
2004-06-29Disable SMTP AUTH if no username is given.José Fonseca
2004-06-23Update TODO file. Remove debian packaging scripts.José Fonseca
2004-02-18Fail when no configuration file is found.José Fonseca
2004-01-13Add a 'postconnect' keyword to execute a command after closing a SMTP connect...José Fonseca
2004-01-13Document when and how the local MDA is invoked. Fix some typos.José Fonseca