ID > 0) { $bool_test = 1; } else { $bool_test = 2; } } //Load settings, etc $simpleldap_account_suffix = get_option("simpleldap_account_suffix"); $simpleldap_base_dn = get_option("simpleldap_base_dn"); $simpleldap_domain_controllers = get_option("simpleldap_domain_controllers"); //Version 1.3 $simpleldap_directory_type = get_option("simpleldap_directory_type"); $simpleldap_login_mode = get_option("simpleldap_login_mode"); $simpleldap_group = get_option("simpleldap_group"); $simpleldap_account_type = get_option("simpleldap_account_type"); //Version $simpleldap_security_mode = get_option("simpleldap_security_mode"); //Version 1.4 $simpleldap_ol_login = get_option("simpleldap_ol_login"); $simpleldap_use_tls = get_option("simpleldap_use_tls"); ?>


These are rather important.

LDAP Directory:

Account Suffix:

*Probably the suffix of your e-mail addresses. Example:

LDAP Login Attribute (OpenLDAP only):

*In case your installation uses something other than uid.

Base DN:

*Example: For subdomain.domain.sufix use DC=subdomain,DC=domain,DC=suffix

Domain Controller(s):

*Separate with semi-colons.


For the intrepid and daring among you.

Login mode:

For latter two options, create account as:

Security mode:


Test Settings

Use this form as a limited test for those settings you saved.* This will test user creation and group membership. If settings don't work, use another browser to try actually logging in. (unless you'd rather get locked out)

*You did save them, right?



Test Results:

Oddly, your version of PHP doesn't allow file_get_contents to use URLs. But even more oddly, your browser doesn't allow frames! I think it's time for you to consider leaving 1998 in the past.

"; ?>
Debug Info:
"; echo "simpleldap_directory_type: ".get_option("simpleldap_directory_type")."/".$_POST['LDAP']."
"; echo "simpleldap_login_mode: ".get_option("simpleldap_login_mode")."/".$_POST['mode']."
"; echo "simpleldap_group: ".get_option("simpleldap_group")."/".$_POST['group_name']."
"; echo "simpleldap_account_type: ".get_option("simpleldap_account_type")."/".$_POST['create_type']."

"; } ?>