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masterStart re-jiggering RVS.Luke Shumaker7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-06-29Start re-jiggering RVS.HEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26commit changes that have been sitting there for years, being copied from driv...Luke Shumaker
2015-06-26I'm commiting these partial changes in case I ever need to come back to it.Luke Shumaker
2015-06-26fix a bug with bash replacement in configureLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26well, rvs trees at least sorta work nowLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26add a tree plugin to rvs, but I made a ton of other changes to getLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26add commit bindings to the tag and comment plugins. this is totally untestedLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26add comments and tag plugins to rvsLuke Shumaker
2015-06-26so, I realised that because:Luke Shumaker
2015-06-26whoop, should have proably commited a momemnt agoLuke Shumaker