BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archlinuxdisallow packages not built in a chrootLevente Polyak7 years
coadde/dbscripts-multidistrosadd initial db scriptcoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]8 years
coadde/dbscripts-ngfix xbs usage and add suppportcoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]8 years
lukeshu/archlinux+cleanupdevlist-mailer: Make LIST and FROM configurableLuke Shumaker7 years
lukeshu/archlinux+cleanup+librelibUse the librelib version of get_full_versionLuke Shumaker7 years
lukeshu/stuffwipLuke Shumaker8 years
lukeshu/xbsMerge branch 'pending' into lukeshu/xbsLuke Shumaker7 years
masterUse for syncing since is unstableAndré Fabian Silva Delgado7 years
pendingDrop support code for old pkgpool-les repository format.Luke Shumaker7 years
production/repoabslibre: use tab indentLuke Shumaker9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-21Use for syncing since is unstableHEADmasterAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-06-02get rid of stupid differences between this and lukeshu/xbsLuke Shumaker
2016-06-02db-functions: learn some new functions from Arch Linux upstreamLuke Shumaker
2016-06-02Handle split packages with different pkgver.Luke Shumaker
2016-06-02testing cleanup (backported from lukeshu/xbs)Luke Shumaker
2016-06-02Add READMELuke Shumaker
2016-04-17mv cron-jobs/repo-sanity-check db-check-repo-sanityLuke Shumaker
2016-04-17Backport changes from the lukeshu/xbs branch.Luke Shumaker
2016-04-17tidyLuke Shumaker
2016-04-17more config file cleanupLuke Shumaker